CuraWax® is a non-absorbable haemostatic bone wax and is fabricated from a mixture of beeswax (80%) and isopropyl palmitate (20%). It is obtained by fusion with hot water from the walls of the honeycomb Apis mellifera Linné, and isopropyl palmitate which is a solvent with good emulsifiability. CuraWax® is opaque and has a distinctive odour and colour.



CuraWax® is used to control bleeding which can occur during osseous bleeding, acting as physical tamponade of the bone canals. Before CuraWax® is applied to the bone surface, it should be softened by the use of an aseptic technique until the desirable consistency is achieved. CuraWax® is used for the mechanical haemostasis in osseous structures in Thoracic surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Traumatology, Dental, Oral and Jaw surgery.

CuraWax® does not induce a biochemical reaction within the organism, since it is a non-absorbable, non-toxic and inert product.

CuraWax® should not be used when bone fusion is required as it can act as an artificial barrier and counteract bone regeneration (osteogenesis).

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