Oxidised Renegerated Cellulose Natural, plant based cellulose is dissolved and extruded as a continuous fibre (regeneration). The fabric made from the fibre is very uniform in chemical composition and its oxidation results in less variation in stability and absorbility of the material compared to cotton based products. Curacel® Absorbable Haemostat is a sterile product made of oxidized regenerated cellulose (polyoxyan hydro glucuronic acid).  The action mechanism of Curacel® is independent from the blood coagulation mechanism of the body. When it comes into contact with blood, Curacel® forms a brownish or black gelatinous mass which aids clot formation. This gelatinous mass acts as a physical matrix to which platelets can adhere. With platelet aggregation and formation of a platelet-fibrin plug, haemostatis occurs.

  • Haemostasis in 3 – 4 minutes
  • Completely absorbed within 7 – 14 days
  • Can be cut into any desired dimension without fraying
  • Applied dry and can be laid on, held against or wrapped around
    a bleeding surface


Curacel-standard-knit-03-300x200Curacel® Standard




Curacel® High Densitycuracel-hd-2

  • Density suitable for suturing
  • Laparoscopic compatibility
  • Diffuses organ bleeding
  • Transplant procedures
  • Product codes and sizes


Curacel® Fibrillarcuracel-fibrillar-07

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